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Join the team by supporting Free Birds monthly. Help Free Birds move forward faster and take the mission and calling of Free Birds nationwide. Free Birds is a for profit company but also has a team of donors who want to see people in the second half of life move into the calling and purpose for which they were designed. The Free Birds supports also have a private Facebook team page in which we give updates, gather feedback, and encourage each other on a weekly basis. Join the Team and help us take the message and community of Free Birds to everyone in the second half of life.

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No.  Free Birds is a for profit company.  We are building several long term revenue streams to support and further the mission of Free Birds. But, we also have a team of monthly supporters who want to see Free Birds move forward faster.

All charges are handled through Stripe.  You can log into your customer portal with this link and cancel or change your subscription at any time.

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No.  Free Birds is for profit company, but has monthly supporters who pay it forward similar to the financial model of The Chosen series.

You can request access to the private Facebook team page with this link:

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