Free Birds

Living free with
Passion, Purpose & Joy

FreeBirds is a community dedicated to creating connections for individuals navigating the second half of their lives. By fostering meaningful connections and friendships, FreeBirds seeks to redefine the second half of life as a period of growth, contribution, and boundless potential. You were made for such a time as this!

Individual Purpose

Free Birds is a visionary platform that provides resources to enable you to discover your purpose in this season of life. We give particular focus on those who are in the 2nd half of life. We believe that you have been placed where you are in order to be a blessing to those that are currently in your life, as well as the community where you live. We know you have gained wisdom and knowledge, as a result of your life journey that empowers you benefit others. Every experience that we have, both good and bad, perfectly prepare you for “such a time as this.” God has a plan for your life. When you take ownership of that reality, Free Bird Central hopes to resource you so that you can thrive in this season of life. We believe you were created to live in freedom, with passion, purpose and joy.


Passionate Communities

Free Bird Communities is a local gathering in your area, created and launched by your fellow residents who are motivated to serve God by serving others. Free Bird Communities are designed with a strategy that will allow you to participate at your level of interest or need. We know that challenges come to all of us during the 2nd half of life as we age, that may include: health, adult children, grandchildren, aging parents, struggles with negative emotions like, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, as well as having “no sense of purpose.” These realities of life can cause us to withdraw and become isolated. Free Bird Communities will enable you to create new and lasting relationships, help you discover your identity and life purpose, as well as provide opportunities to serve others. Take the risk and come be with us. Join Free Birds to launch a Free Bird Community in your area.

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Free Bird Networks

The Free Bird Network is a dynamic connection of Free Bird Communities, empowered to communicate with each other at an operational level. As your Free Bird Community goes through the launch process and then continues to grow, you will have the capability of connecting with others that have practical experience. By communities working together through the network, new Free Bird Communities will ramp up quicker enabling them to serve individuals and their communities more effectively. The Free Bird Network can be defined as a network of Free Bird Communities operating across the nation, working together in order to have the greatest impact in the lives of their Free Bird members and the geographic area they serve.

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Join the Team

Supporting Free Birds is based on the belief that change always comes by people taking action at the local level. Furthermore, the greatest change, in us, is when we find tangible ways to love and serve others. As a nation, we are experiencing a radical shift in our values and culture. One contributing factor is that we are being disconnected from each other. If you are in the 2nd half of life, you know that many of the ways to be a part of a community, in the past, have now disappeared. Compounding the challenge is that current leadership methodology creates discord and division rather than unity and supporting one another. One of the results is that we are losing our being part of a local community like we experienced when we grew up. The Free Bird team needs passionate people that are invested in the wellbeing of their children, grandchildren and future generations. Will you join us and help us grow Free Birds? If you have questions, please contact us:

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