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FreeBird Central: A Heart Connection

Let’s start at the beginning 

 a very good  place to start

When you read, you begin with A-B-C

When you sing, you begin with Do-Re-Mi

(Julie Andrews, Sound of Music, Written by Richard Rogers)

In Indian lore, there’s a tale of a young Indian brave who was out hunting one day when he stumbled upon an abandoned baby chick. Gently scooping it up in his hands, he carried it back to his tribe and placed it among the brood of prairie chickens. He was confident that the new addition would soon be embraced by one of the hens. As expected, over the next few days, the chick flourished, eagerly scouring the ground for grubs, seeds, and worms alongside its newly acquired family.

One day, our chick heard an extraordinary and unfamiliar sound. Gazing skyward toward its source, he beheld a magnificent bird soaring high above him. A powerful and unfamiliar sensation stirred in his heart as he listened to the captivating call seemingly directed at him. Mesmerized, he observed the majestic bird effortlessly gliding on the air currents above. Overwhelmed by the sight, he hurried to his adoptive mother, filled with curiosity. “Mother, what is that amazing creature?” he inquired. With wisdom in her voice, she replied, “That, my son, is the eagle, the most majestic and powerful of all birds.”

She continued, “He is a great hunter, the most skillful and fastest of all birds.” Then, with a chuckle, she added, “But, my dear, you are a prairie chicken. You will never be an eagle. Now, go back and play with your brothers and sisters.” It seemed no one else even noticed the profound impact the visitor had on him. Yet, who was he to question? “Why do I have these feelings?” he pondered. Nonetheless, he trusted his mother’s wisdom, so he obediently returned to scrounge for his meal. This scenario repeated itself many times over the following months. Eventually, the young chick stopped even glancing up when he heard the familiar cry. The stirring within his heart gradually faded with time. After all, he was just a prairie chicken, destined to spend his days on the ground, hunting for his meal like all the others.

This marks the very beginning of FreeBird Central! We are excited to embark on this journey. For me, this journey began over forty years ago. The concept of embodying the essence of “freedom” akin to an eagle, amidst life’s myriad pressures and expectations, was truly transformative. I had only tasted true freedom fleetingly, during an experience in Crossville, TN, back in 1976. Now, in the early 80s, as the speaker spoke, I found myself envisioning an eagle soaring effortlessly on the currents of air. Could it be possible for me to live a life as unbounded as that majestic creature I conjured in my mind?

In my 30s, I juggled the roles of a father, son, and husband. My professional life revolved around my job at a plastics manufacturer, where I held sales and marketing responsibilities spanning multiple divisions. I maintained offices in both Dallas and Atlanta. Outside of work, I was deeply involved in my local church community, teaching adults and serving as an elder. We even initiated a home group that convened every Friday night for 50 weeks each year. Despite the busyness, life was fulfilling. Yet, like everyone else, it was also rife with stress, tension, and the uncertainties that come with it. Little did I anticipate the twists and turns that awaited me on the journey ahead.

Also unknown to me, my Father was in the process of teaching me, through life, experience, successes, failures, heartache, as well as great joy, the “how to” of Isaiah 40:13.  

But they that wait upon the Lord 

Shall renew their strength

They shall mount up with wings like eagles;

They shall run and not be weary

They shall walk and not faint

Accompanying the image of the eagle effortlessly soaring on the air currents was a profound realization: it expended no energy. Instead, it relied solely on its unique design and the diverse types of feathers it possessed.

The updraft created by the topography enabled this remarkable bird to effortlessly coast through the sky. At that moment of profound realization, the word that echoed in my mind was unmistakable: “Freedom!”

I yearned for what “freedom” symbolized to me. No one truly understood the emotional and mental battles raging within me. Only in that earlier experience, when my Father apprehended me that night in Crossville, TN, did I taste the essence of freedom. It was that same freedom I yearned and dreamed for in the subsequent years. Now, seeing it encapsulated in the image of “The Soaring Eagle,” I embarked on a journey to live amidst the tension: knowing I’m free because the Bible declares it, yet grappling with how to walk in that freedom amidst life’s challenges. Often, it felt like an immense contradiction, at times even a cruel joke.

I believe we all reside in the tension of understanding “what is true,” while recognizing that we only grasp glimpses of it along our journey. Those of us in the second half of life are presently being summoned not only to comprehend “what is promised to us,” but also to actively walk and experience it. Freedom!

I hold this belief because FreeBird Central, FreeBird Communities, and FreeBird Network have been established in response to the demands of our children, grandchildren, and the generations to come, as well as the needs of our nation. They call for us to embody the authority and purpose we are inherently designed for. Just as the eagle serves as our symbol, we are to soar with strength and vision. We all carry the hope and aspiration to leave our nation, communities, and families in a better state than the one we inherited. Our legacy stems from the birth of our nation, founded by individuals driven by a vision, dream, and passion for personal freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Many of our forefathers, and their families, were willing to sacrifice everything, including their lives, to secure freedom for future generations. Over the span of 200 years, countless individuals have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend and preserve our freedoms. Now, it falls upon us to honor their legacy by living the life they fought to secure for us.

The prevailing cultural narrative tells us that we should “focus on ourselves because we’ve earned that right.”

God has created a unique fifth generation for such a time as this, and that generation is us. It’s not a coincidence but rather a divine design by our Creator. While we’ll delve deeper into this concept in the future, it’s worth noting briefly that life expectancy has increased by one and a half years every decade since 1900. Today, we have a cohort of individuals in the second half of life known as “boomers.” In our introductory narrative featuring the “prairie chicken,” the small bird faced a crucial decision: continue as a prairie chicken like its peers or embrace its inherent design and ascend to become the eagle that God intended it to be.

Boomers is a term that pays homage to the Greater Prairie Chicken, a native bird of Illinois. Specifically, “boomer” is a nickname for the male Greater Prairie Chicken, as noted on Wikipedia.

It’s not coincidental that the majority of individuals in the second half of life, along with some from Generation X, find themselves as the “seniors” in a society where there’s a resounding call to get involved and engaged. Living out the purpose for which you were created necessitates understanding your purpose, identity, learning to discern “God’s voice,” being part of a community, and then taking that initial step forward. It’s about launching out and soaring into the fullness of your potential.

Consider this your invitation to join the FreeBirds community. Here’s what we kindly ask of you:

  • Sign up on Facebook at FreeBird Central and stay updated on available resources at
  • Whenever you come across a post, please “like” and “share” it.
  • If you’re able and willing, please make a copy of this blog and send it to your list of email and phone contacts along with your personal invitation.
  • If you are able and willing, sign up to contribute to FreeBird Central. The pace at which we build both the following and financial resources will determine our ability to impact change swiftly. • By committing to providing financial support, you’ll gain access to the “private group on Facebook” and become an integral part of the team advancing FreeBirds nationwide.
  • Committing to providing financial support will enable you to be a part of the “private group on facebook.”  You will be “on the team that advances FreeBirds nationwide.”

When contemplating whether to provide funding, let your decision be guided by your alignment with the vision and passion of FreeBirds. Let that be your guiding filter.

Initiating change always begins with your ability to “hear and respond.” The impact and influence then radiate outward in concentric circles: starting with family, extending to friends, and reaching the local community and beyond.

I hope you will consider joining us as part of FreeBirds


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